Rewarding for both your business and your customer

In order to drive sales and increase customer loyalty marketers rely on a variety of tools. Our business has been built to enhance your efforts through the execution of consumer promotions, including:

  • Rebate Programs
  • Self-Liquidating Offers
  • Loyalty Programs

While you work with a dedicated T1 Account Rep our fulfillment administrative staff will manage the front and back-end of these programs:

  • Verifying eligibility through review of receipts and proof of purchase
  • Contacting consumers via phone or mail
  • Providing IVR Call Centre Support
  • Managing the collection (S.L.O.) or distribution (Rebate) of funds
  • Distributing consumer rewards in a timely manner

We understand that, to you, reporting is as important as the execution of these offers. We’ll work with you to develop a reporting structure that provides for frequent updates so you know who’s participating in your program and from where.