Our experience in contest fulfillment can make you the big winner when it comes to your next contest or sweepstakes.

T1 can manage every step of the contest cycle or specifically in areas you require assistance:

  1. Drafting of Rules and Regulations and Winners Declaration and Release Forms (including review and approval by lawyer)
  2. Quebec Contest Registration (Regie des alcools, des courses et des jeux)
  3. Collection and verification of entries (IVR, On-Line, PO Box, Retail)
  4. Data entry of entrant information and verification of eligibility
  5. Selection of Winners
  6. Declaration and Release of Winners (including skill-testing question)
  7. Sourcing, Storage and Distribution of Prizing

By proactively managing and executing each step T1 is able to dramatically reduce the time and effort required of our clients.

Each program is concluded with a wrap report that can be adjusted to create an entrant profile including age, gender, location and product. When coupled with an opt-in question this information can be further leveraged to develop a mailing list for future offers.